[dragon quest xi tips]Dragon Quest XI: 10 Facts About The Luminary That Everyone Should Know About

  The Luminary is an important figure in Dragon Quest XI, and there is more to learn about this character’s lore than players might think.

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  Published Dec 13, 2020



  Dragon Quest is a long-running JRPG franchise that is full of colorful worlds and wonderful stories. The characters that the players play as often act as a vessel in order to explore the world that is crafted by Square Enix. Over the multiple installments that came out in the series, there have been many player characters with the most recent being the Luminary. This character avatar, in particular, has a lot of lore and interesting facts that some new players might not know about.

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  Here are a few facts about the Luminary that everyone should know about in Dragon Quest XI. Readers be warned for full spoilers. So don’t read if?you are planning to play the game itself.



  Despite having the title of Luminary, the main character is actually the second one to exist. Essentially being the reincarnation of the previous hero who supposedly stopped the dark one many centuries ago.

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  As a result, the Luminary within the game has a big shoe to fill when it comes to establishing his journey. While many are placing a lot on his shoulders, others don’t seem to like his coming as it means that the dark one will return.

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  Thanks to the events of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age, the Luminary and his party has travelled to other worlds. This is thanks to visiting Tickington and going through each?tome in order to travel to different worlds. Within each one, the Luminary has solved numerous problems throughout the different instances of each game and corrected an issue with time. Theoretically making the Luminary one of the more experienced characters.


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  When looking at the family tree of the Luminary it would be surprising to see that all of his members, both adoptive and biological, have some ties to being either warriors or adventurers. As the prince of Dundrasil, the Luminary has a lot of noble blood in him. His father, Irwin, was once the captain and star knight of Dundrasil. His grandfather Rab is an incredibly powerful warrior with martial arts capabilities. Finally his adoptive grandfather Chalky was once the adventurer named Sudo Nim.

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  With the gameplay of the Luminary, he is typically designed as a jack of all trades character. He has solid damage with the sword but it isn’t as powerful as some other characters. He isn’t as quick as Erik nor does he have the magical power of either Veronica or Serena. However, this is apparently a part of the family, like Rab, the Luminary’s grandfather is also a jack of all trades. Although more so on the magic side of things.



  The Luminary isn’t just the chosen one in the world of Erdrea, he is also the youngest hero to stop the dark one in his universe. Fighting at only the age of 16, many other characters in his party are either a little older or far older than him.

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  However, all of them treat each other like allies and over time they all work together like a small family. Something that many other great JRPGs are capable of having.

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  Thanks to the events of the post-game, the Luminary has actually time-travelled in the world of Erdrea. Not just once, but multiple times and has affected things within his journey. Through his efforts he was able to save the world of Erdrea from different enemies and prevented certain things from happening. Not only that but his actions have directly established the rest of the Erdrick saga.


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  With the fact that the Luminary has travelled through time, it means that the character has technically saved the world twice. The first time around was when the party initially failed against the main villain of the game Mordegon. Afterwards, by the time he time-travelled, he saved the world and all of the existence once more against the demon god Calasmos. Essentially bringing immeasurable peace for many generations to come.

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  The Sword Of Light is the signature weapon of the Luminary. It is a weapon that utilizes his abilities to its fullest potential. However, during the original timeline, the Super sword of light was corrupted by Mordegon. This resulted in the Luminary crafting his own sword. Afterwards, he shattered his sword of light in order to go back in time. Eventually using the super sword of light as his main weapon. However, the player is able to create another sword of light. When combining that one with a recipe, he is able to create the strongest sword in the game. The supreme sword of light which he can dual wield with the super version.


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  The Luminary is the reincarnation of the original hero who stopped Calasmos. The original Luminary was known as Erdwin and was an incredibly powerful hero in his own right. Bringing along with him, three companions who eventually helped the heroes later down the line through different means.

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  However, before Erdwin could give out the finishing blow, he was betrayed by his ally Morcant. Dying and leaving Calasmos alive. Through the efforts of the Luminary the players get to control, they are able to save Erdrea and stop Calasmos which was something no other hero has ever done before.

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  After everything that has happened to the Luminary, he finally had his place settle when it came to the Dragon Quest pantheon of heroes. From defeating multiple bosses, travelling to different Dragon Quest worlds and destroying the likes of Calasmos. It is revealed that aside from Arusu, he is definitively considered Erdrick.

  Not only that, but the Luminary is also implied to be the original Erdrick as later in the ending of Dragon Quest XI, players are able to see the descendant of Erdrick from DQ1. This means that not only is his title something that Arusu from DQ3 later shares. But his legacy is felt all across that saga of games.

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