[Words With Friends 2 – Board Games & Word Puzzles]Best games to play in 2021

  Due to the ongoing pandemic, more people have been living their lives through their smartphones and tablets, the rise of mobile gaming has exploded. Mobile apps have taken over the gaming world as of late. So much so, they have triumphed over PCs as the most popular way for players to get their fix of fun. This has led to thousands of games popping up on the app store, easy to grasp, quick to play, and weirdly compelling. After all, they’re the perfect way to fill those odd minutes during the day when you’ve got time on your hands, while bigger games would occupy you for an hour or more. Plus, they’re cheap, or even free, so what’s not to like?

  We have compiled a list below of gaming tools and products for players.

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  One of the reasons mobile games have become so popular is the games themselves. We’ve compiled some of the top games that have made mobile gaming one of the top entertainment forms in the 21st century.

  Classic Action Games1. Minecraft2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City3. Terraria5. Tropico6. Asphalt 8 -Racing Game7. Hitman: SniperFor Playing With Friends1. Grand Gin Rummy2. Word Chums3. Dice with EllenFor Puzzle Fans1. Two dots2. Angry Birds Blast3. Roll the Ball4. Math | Riddles, and Puzzles Maths GamesFor Word Lovers1. 7 Little Words2. Word Brain3. Four Letters4. Words With FriendsAddictive iOS games1. Cube2. RhinoBall3. Blue Skies Lite4. Cannon Shot!5. TapDefense6. Basketball Stars7. iGolf8. Trace9. Marathon 1

  Minecraft logo

  Minecraft is one of those games that got big fast and hasn’t really stopped since. The pixelated builder has taken the world by storm, and its cross-play capabilities mean that it can be played on a wide range of devices, including PC, Xbox, PS4, and mobile devices. A relaxing, creative game, this is a perfect one to escape the reality of the everyday commute — and at $6.99 (iOS) and $7.49 (Android) for the mobile version, it’s an absolute steal of a mobile game.

  Availability: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Linux

  Grand Theft Auto

  Grand Theft Auto has been one of those franchises that have kept its classic status over the years; Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has always been a classic, and Rockstar’s legacy continues with their version for iOS. The play works shockingly well on the touch screen but also supports controllers. At $4.99, it’s definitely a bargain for fans of the games.

  Availability: iOS, Android, Steam


  The critically acclaimed crafting adventure Terraria came to mobile devices through Re-Logic in 2013, with some significant content updates since. Dig, fight, explore, and build as you test your mettle in combat with foes or constructing cities. The multiplayer feature allows you to play with up to 7 friends through the Mobile Terraria dedicated server for PC or device-to-device Wi-Fi-hosted games.

  Availability: iOS, Android


  Once a PC classic, Tropico was brought to iOS through the iPad and finally to Android and Apple smartphones. Gameplay involves managing your own Caribbean island as its ruler to lead it into the future to a booming tourist paradise, powerhouse industrially, or police state. If you’re a fan of politics, humor, and fun, this city-builder is the one for you.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Asphalt 8 -Racing Game

  If you like games with racing themes, the Asphalt 8: Airborne Game is one of the games in this genre that can be played offline. This game has a lot of map choices. Apart from that, the car you can unlock is one of the other advantages of this game. The graphics that were served were not disappointing. Therefore this game has a size that is large enough. You need to remember that when you want to open a new folder, you must download additional files first.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Hitman: Sniper

  This game is a game that gives a different sensation. Because this game has a shooter mission and various stories in it, you can also build weapons that you will use to play this game.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Grand Gin Rummy

  A favorite game at Christmas time, thanks to its sociability, this version of Gin Rummy lets you enjoy a turn-based game on your mobile by challenging your friends.

  The moves are timed, and you have to play right through to the end of the game – so if it has one flaw, it’s that you’ll want to go on playing for longer than you originally planned to.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Word Chums

  If you have a competitive streak when it comes to proving that you’re the one with the widest vocabulary, then Word Chums could be for you.

  It’s like the classic Scrabble or Words with Friends, but the graphics and tone really turn up the fun. There’s also a handy “chat” feature you can use to talk to your friends as you play.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Dice with Ellen

  Let’s end on a celebrity note with this fast, Yahtzee-style dice game hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. You can play against others or just the game, and you can even set up dice tournaments with your friends.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Two dots

  This app sees gaming reduced to one of its simplest forms. As the title suggests, you have to connect pairs of dots of the same color.

  When you do, they’re removed from the board. Once you’ve cleared them all, you move on to the next level. Each level gets progressively harder. Plus, it’s going to take you some time to complete them all – there are over 1,000 levels to get through.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Angry Birds Blast

  It may be a game that’s hatched many imitators, but Angry Birds is still a big favorite with a loyal fan base. Angry Birds Blast is slightly simpler than the original game as you need to pop balloons to set the birds free. Each time you do, it makes a satisfying noise, which just adds to the enjoyment.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Roll The Ball

  This is a real must for fans of maze-style puzzle games. The game’s object is to slide tiles to create an uninterrupted passage for the ball to reach its goal.

  It’s also more relaxing than other games of this style because there are no limits on the moves you can make or the time you take to make them.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Math | Riddles, and Puzzles Maths Games

  The game brings enigmatic logical puzzles that sharpen your IQ level. Give a challenge to your brain by exploring the relationship between numbers and geometrical shapes. Leverage your mathematical insights by solving these Math riddles in a seamless entertaining way.

  Availability: iOS, Android.

  7 Little Words

  This game offers an ingenious new take on traditional word puzzles that’s essentially a synonym finder.

  You’re given the original word and told how many letters the synonym features. Then it’s up to you to create the answer from the blocks of letters provided. It may sound simple, but it’s much harder than it looks.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Word Brain

  Another seemingly simple word game that is actually fiendishly difficult, especially the higher you rise through the 700+ levels.

  From the nine letters provided, you have to create the specified number of words correctly. You can ask for hints, but this will take up valuable time – plus, the words you’re trying to find are usually not related.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Four Letters

  Now you have to be really quick off the mark for this game. Four letters flash up in front of you, and you have to rearrange them in the right order as quickly as possible.

  It’s another game where you’re playing against the clock, and the more words you get right, and the higher your score, the faster all the actions start to move.

  Availability: iOS, Android

  Words With Friends

  The spelling game that’s popular with friends and families, this game encourages its players to stay connected through playing with word patterns. It’s perfect for playing with people of all ages, and the slow nature of the game means that you can check-in at any time, keeping games going for days.

  Availability: iOS, Android


  Cube is a single-player as well as a multiplayer first-person revolver that offers satisfying plus fast old-school gameplay. It is a backdrop-style engine that imagines being an internal FPS engine, which syndicates very high accuracy dynamic obstruction culling through a form of symmetrical map-mapping on the entire world.


  Slope your iPhone forwards, rearward, left plus a right to escort Rhino over the city streets, evading cars as well as another obstacle on your way toward the finish line. Gather bonus lightning bolt and hit the initiation ramps for an utterly overwhelming venture.

  Blue Skies Lite

  Usage the accelerometer to pilot your helicopter and out movement enemy tanks, airplanes, helicopters, blimps, plus mines.

  Cannon Shot!

  Take custody of your particular Non-Lite-of-Sight Cannon, the radical gun that signifies US Field Weaponry’s future. Use enthused elevation and speed controls to abolish enemy boards with indirect fire.

  TapDefense is a different TOWER DEFENSE policy game that you could take you with you all day long. You can play for hours otherwise salvaged snippet of time on the move.

  Basketball Stars

  Basketball Stars is the latest way to shoot bags with your iPhone. Using your iPhone to create a shot gesture, play a game around the world, and see how many baskets you can create.


  iGolf lets you swipe your iPhone similar to a golf club and then tells you how distant your shot went. It measures how fast you swayed and how far your shot toured with iPhone’s accelerometer. It’s like having a driving variety where you go.


  Trace is a spontaneous platform wherever you draw your own path over the levels. Use the touch screen to pull platforms and circumnavigate past hurdles to reach the objective at each level’s ending.

  Marathon 1

  Bungie’s classic first-person shooter trilogy came Marathon came to iOS back in 2011 but soon lost its way as iOS port technology evolved. Thankfully, it’s back with releases for all three games back in January, bringing life back into this 25-year-old classic. It’s a fantastic genre-defining game with 27 levels divided into six chapters and features including LAN-based multiplayer, MFi controller support, 7 unique weapons, and more.

  With such a diverse choice of mobile phone games, it becomes hard to decide which game to download. Our shortlisted iOS and Android games will let you get rid of the pangs of post-download regret. Make a selection according to your taste, and then bring your reflexes into? ?action. Let us know which is your favorite game among these, or suggest popular games in the comments below that you would like to see in this list.