[Welcome To Lakewood]City Of Lakewood: Expect Large Crowds At Bear Creek Lake Park On July 4

  ”Similar to last year, if the park reaches capacity on the Fourth of July, no reentry will be allowed, so visitors are encouraged to arrive early, have the $10 daily entry fee payment ready or have purchased an annual pass,” said Regional Park Supervisor Drew Sprafke. “Last year the park reached capacity and the entrance was closed by 11 a.m.”

  The park gates open at 6 a.m. during the summer. Typical wait times to enter the park are approximately 10 minutes or more on a weekend day. If the park reaches capacity, the entrance will be closed, potentially for the remainder of the day. Parking is not allowed on Morrison Road outside the park. Violators will be subject to a citation by the extra police patrols working the holiday weekend.