[zombie army 4: dead war]Zombie Army 4: Dead War Season 3 Starts Today With a New Campaign Mission and Free Goodies

  Zombie Army 4: Dead War’s ongoing post-release support just keeps on trucking, and today there’s a new update bringing in a new season of horrific nazi zombie killing.

  Zombie Army 4: Dead War has a huge update today that adds a brand new three-part campaign, new weapons, character skins, charms, and more, as well as a couple of free additions.

  For paying customers, Terminal Error is the first mission in Season 3’s Return to Hell campaign where you’ll battle the undead in an open-ended level set on the Italian coast. The mission is good for solo players as well as co-op with up to four players working together to put the dead back in their place.

  Terminal Error is available as part of Season Pass 3, or you can buy the mission by itself for $6.99/£5.59/6.99.

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  For scroungers looking for free stuff (no shame there) the new update also adds a new game mode for free. The new game mode is Nightmare Mode and it changes up the entire campaign by spawning different enemies throughout the campaign, as well as tougher combinations of enemies to fight against. So if you know the campaign like the back of your sweaty hand, you’ll be playing it fresh in Nightmare Mode, which is playable solo or with one other player in co-op. You will have to have complete the campaign mode at least once to unlock Nightmare Mode.

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  And finally, there’s the new Horde Mode Map called Frozen in Fear, which is a free addition for all players. There’s also a new voice selection feature being added to the game that allows you to assign any of the game’s voices to any playable character. So if you want Karl to run around quipping as a lady, you can do just that.