MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries -Evaluation

The year is 3015. The battlefields are dominated by war machines known as BattleMechs. Level entire cities and decimate the enemy in your BattleMech. Follow a quest for glory and revenge. Manage an expanding mercenary company. Fight alongside your friends with a four-player PvE co-op.

I vaguely remember where I heard people express this view: For a long time, especially in the 1960s and 1980s when “Shaw Brothers’ Martial Arts” was in full swing, Hong Kong martial arts films had almost no plot at all. Or to be more precise, at that time, when it comes to directors, screenwriters, martial arts directors, to actors and operas, no one in the audience felt it necessary to tell martial arts stories logically and logically. Movie. The crew used a tube of glue of uneven quality to glue together different scenes, different roles, and different gimmick fights to form a 90-minute action drama.

Considering that scrolling to watch old Hong Kong movies every night is my favorite (almost only) entertainment and pastime, I should dismiss some extreme judgments about this, but this is only because of the intestines. I find that I can’t think of too many convincing counterexamples… Let’s assume that he has some truth.

Besides, this guy didn’t use this to deny the wonderfulness of realist hardcore martial arts films. On the contrary, he believes that such a wise choice gives realist martial arts films a sense of craftsmanship that cannot be measured by industrial quality: after all, special effects will eventually become obsolete, and the story will eventually fall behind. It was all the rage, only hard bridges, hard horses and pleasing martial arts designs could ignore the devastation of the years. Not only is it more commendable at the beginning of the accumulation of special effects, but it has also been admired and imitated by many sentimental Chinese and foreign gamers. As the core gameplay of its own game, “The Spirit of Shaw Brothers” can continue to shine in a brand-new artistic field.

But although I think the idea of ​​”Mecha Warrior 5: Mercenary” I’m going to talk about today is very similar to that of a realistic martial arts movie, it really has nothing to do with martial arts design. As the name suggests, “Mecha Warrior 5: Mercenary” is a first/third person action shooting game that focuses on mecha fighting. Although many details have changed, they are still in the same line as the predecessors at the beginning of the millennium. Players are allowed to continue to the galaxy divided by major companies as mercenaries, and lead their own four-person (maximum) squad to drive various giant mechas on major planets, complete the tasks of their employers, and gain prestige and money. With a certain amount of spoils, when the time is right, he will begin to carry out a brutal and bloody final revenge on his father and enemy…

Probably so. To be honest, I’m not sure if the plot behind “Mecha Warrior 5: Mercenary” is so simple and rude, but the beginning of the game is a textbook-like tutorial and background introduction. I can hardly believe that such a boring narrative can accommodate any unexpected magic; and after a few missions, I slowly discovered that I actually didn’t care that “Mecha Warrior 5: Mercenaries” only existed in most of the time. Dictating. The main storyline in the briefing is not only because the modeling level of the adjutant of “Beauty” is really hard to say, this work does not currently support Chinese, and the folklore Sinicization is not as comprehensive as I expected, but also because the game often enters the task briefing link or when When the adjutant conveyed seemingly important information to me in a consistent posture, all I thought was “Can you say a few words, I am eager to open the armor and go out to blow things up”.

Yes, in my opinion, in terms of importance, mech combat is to “Mecha Warrior 5: Mercenary” as martial arts design is to the Shaw Brothers martial arts classic, the latter is the core of the whole work And soul. The former easily reversed my first impression of dissatisfaction with this game by its own strength-exaggerating, even if these mechas are just standing solemnly in the hangar awaiting their mission like ancient gods. The overwhelming visual impact brought by Thailand was quite effective, and it allowed me to see where the money saved by the production team Piranha Games dismissed the game screenwriter and character modeling team was smashed.

On the other hand, the mecha has almost all the design styles from diesel punk to top exoskeleton. The unparalleled expressiveness of details highlights who is the real protagonist of this game: look. This reflection, this shape, this texture, this painting is damaged, this industrial detail, even if I just stay in a factory with roaring machines and sparks, I can still flow to them silently. The saliva from the sky, let alone really drive them out to play games.

So you can imagine that when the elevator put me into the cockpit with an unusually wide field of vision, all my childhood happiness