“BIOMUTANT®” is a Kung Fu fantasy RPG game set in the open world at the end of the world. The unique martial arts fighting system in the game allows players to mix melee, shooting and mutation abilities.

Let me talk about the reason why I gave this game a bad review. (1) The biggest problem is that the game rhythm is very problematic. When the game came up, I took a few steps before I waited a few steps. This is a large narrative about the most basic operation method of the game. To be honest, the description of this operation has no effect on me, because the operation method is written next to it. After operating as required, the screen will be stuck in the narration, telling the next step. This frequently interrupted narrative of operation is true. There is no sense of substitution. The plot can be said to be very clichéd. I have no patience to look at the running account he said. For some unimportant dialogue narrations, I have to tell you forcibly. Sometimes in battle, I will insert NPC dialogue for some reason. Press the space bar to skip infinitely, and unlike other games, you can choose whether to talk or not. You are often forced to talk to some unimportant NPCs. The NPC in the conversation did not do anything. If you don’t know, you think it is. Play visual novels. (2) There is basically no sense of attack in the game. There is basically no sound when hitting an enemy. Game judgment is also very strange. Sometimes I get hit by melee when I’m 10 meters away from the npc mobs. (3) For a game at this price, the model details and texture of the game can be said to be very rough. The complete texture and model can only be loaded when they are very close, and the vision is blurred. For RPG game characters, the characters that can be selected in the game are really not aesthetic. All kinds of crooked melons, even if the characters in CG movies are taken out for players to use, it is also very good.
Summary: It can be seen that the development and production team wants to make this game well, because there are various skills and weapon combinations, various decryption elements, open world, development. They all wanted to do it, but it was too simple. Obviously there are signs of rush work, and I feel that the technology is immature. There are many attempts in it, but I didn’t get what the player really wanted. It is a bit confusing. With the current quality of the game, if I set the price, this game can still be around 100 yuan. accepted.