[hitman 3]How to unlock the Tuxedo with Gloves in Hitman 3

  Agent 47 has an extensive wardrobe throughout the Hitman series. Hitman 3 is no different. There are even some exclusive outfits that you can earn and use in every location throughout the Hitman reboot trilogy. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the Tuxedo with Gloves outfit. One of the most stylish looks for our handsome assassin.

  The only way to unlock this outfit is by completing an Elusive Target in the Paris location. The first Elusive Target in this location for the game was the Black Hat. If you completed it, you would have unlocked the Tuxedo with Gloves. If you didn’t manage to complete it, then keep an eye out for any upcoming Elusive Targets in this location. All you have to do is complete one.

  How-to-unlock-theTuxedo-with-Gloves-in-Hitman-3Image via Io Interactive

  This outfit is an exclusive variant of the Tuxedo suit. The key difference is that Agent 47 is wearing a pair of black gloves with it, making him look much more like an assassin, keen to conceal every trace of evidence. Alternatively, he may simply want to avoid touching anything anyone else has. After all, there’s no hand sanitizer in these games.

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  The latest Elusive Target in Hitman 3, the Black Hat, has been causing problems for players over the last week or so. All players who complete the mission don’t see the outfit unlock in the reward screen. IO Interactive has responded to the community and clarified that there is an issue with the outfit unlocking. There is now a fix for this issue.

  Update: If you’ve completed the Black Hat Elusive Target and did not receive the Tuxedo with Gloves, we will add it to your profile shortly after the mission expires.

  The challenge is in the game now and will unlock properly for anyone that hasn’t played it yet. https://t.co/OhGruUosJw

  — IO Interactive (@IOInteractive) June 9, 2021

  Io Interactive will add the Tuxedo with Gloves to your account if you complete the Black Hat Elusive Target while the mission is live in Hitman 3. Anyone who has already completed the mission will see the outfit in their inventory once the mission ends on June 13.