[vmos]VMO’s new benchmark in outdoor measurement: hourly audience planning

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  Val Morgan Outdoor (VMO) has evolved DART, its audience measurement platform, to create a new benchmark in outdoor measurement, DART R&F.

  The planning tool harnesses the power of VMO’s facial analytics data with third-party consumer data and machine learning. Together, this allows VMO to determine hourly audience at a screen level across VMO’s retail, health club and petro-convenience environments. DART R&F delivers clients a new benchmark in OOH audience planning and provides actionable results for campaigns.

  “DART represents an enormous wealth of human interaction data that, when calibrated against third-party and independent data sources, it provides a highly accurate and scalable view of true audiences at VMO locations. Whether clients are buying traditional campaigns or programmatic campaigns, marketers can have confidence the audience methodology applied is consistent across all VMO assets and has been independently built and verified. DART R&F utilises the best data science in market to deliver a highly accurate third-party measurement tool that will revolutionise OOH audience planning,” Paul Butler, managing director VMO said.

  DART R&F’s granularity of data enables VMO to build accurate measurement of impressions hourly and at an individual screen level.

  VMO worked with Data2Decisions to independently build and verify the audience reach methodology, which from today will apply to all campaigns.

  “Using the latest machine learning techniques to combine datasets, we were able to create a prediction model of specific audiences by the hour at an individual screen level. This has helped us, in partnership with VMO, to create reach and frequency calculations that provide the most robust measure of OOH audiences to date,” said John Price, Managing Partner Data2Decisions.

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