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  Mods are an increasingly popular part of Among Us, typically reserved for PC players, but can mobile users take advantage of these mods as well?

  By Austin King

  Published Jan 19, 2021


  among us mods work on mobile

  Mods are an increasingly popular part of Among Us, with modders adding in things like player roles and lobbies that can hold up to 100 people at one time. While Among Us is available on multiple platforms, most mods are created with PC users in mind. So, can mobile players actually take advantage of mods in Among Us, too? The answer is actually a bit more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no.”

  As Among Us has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few months, modders have flocked to the game with all kinds of creative ways to shake things up. Popular mods have started adding roles into Among Us, like Doctor and Sheriff. Modders have also added in new modes, which allow people to play games like Hide and Seek and Zombie in Among Us. These mods are definitely popular, so it’s not surprising that mobile users want to get in on the fun as well.

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  among us mods work on mobile

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  However, most mods are created for PC, and the ones for Among Us are no different. Many of the most popular mods that are currently available for the game will have to be used on PC, due to the way the mod files and installations work. This doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t ways to use mods on?Among Us’?mobile version, though. It may just take a little extra effort.

  Among Us Mobile Vs PC Differences

  The simple fact is that most mods are made on PC and for PC. So, for players who want to install?Among Us’ 100-person mod, or who wish to change things up by adding the Vigilante role, they’ll need a PC for that. Several sites claim to install mods on Android devices using the APK file format, but as with most APK downloads, there’s risk involved. Hacking into an Android or iOS mobile device is another option, but this can be a headache that honestly isn’t worth the result of getting a few mods in Among Us.


  Overall, the risks of using mods in the mobile version of?Among Us?outweighs the rewards. However, for players determined to get mods on mobile, there are ways to get a few. Many of these mobile mods are purely cosmetic and not as intense as the changes PC users can experiment with, as popular Among Us?variants?like the 100-person mod and?the Proximity Voice Chat mod are currently only available on PC.

  This means that mobile players will ultimately have to decide if installing mods in Among Us is worth the risks (and headache). Hacking phones and installing risky APK downloads can be dangerous. It’s probably better – and safer – to just wait and see if official roles and new gaming modes are added to Among Us?in the future.


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