[the elder scrolls online]Elder Scrolls Online: Best Skills For The Templar Class

  With holy power, Templars can wreak havoc upon enemies and mercy upon allies in Elder Scrolls Online. These are their best skills for doing so.

  By Erik Petrovich

  Published Jun 20, 2021


  Templars in Elder Scrolls Online

  The Templar class in?The Elder Scrolls Online is most closely compared to the classic Paladin archetype in RPGs. Templars draw from and wield holy power in their abilities, which lends Templars the ability to take on?all three major combat archetypes in the game.

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  They’re the best class for soloing content thanks to their myriad support and healing abilities that complement their damage-dealing skills. The Aedric Spear skill tree is focused on DPS, the Dawn’s Wrath skill tree offers?burst DPS and support, and the Restoring Light is based on healing. Within those skill trees, these are some of the best for Templars.


  Aedric Spear Templar Elder Scrolls Online Skills

  The Aedric Spear skill tree is all about damage output. There are single-target, AoE, cleave, and close abilities available to Templars through this tree, beginning with the Sun Fire and Solar Flare abilities.

  The tree also includes a variety of interrupts and self-buffs, making it a great tree for solo players to focus on. The tree?is?mostly meant for melee fighters and auto-target an area. However, most of the abilities can be used at a decent range too.

  The Ultimate ability for the Aedric Spear skill tree is Radial Sweep, which deals huge damage to enemies around the player. It doesn’t cost very much ultimate, but it’s much better when morphed into Empowering Sweep at Radial Sweep Rank IV.


  Empowering Sweep changes the damage type from magic to physical and increases the duration of the skill for each enemy that gets hit. Additionally, the ability grants Empower, increasing the Templar’s light attack damage by 40%.

  The Burning Light passive ability grants a flat damage bonus to players who can chain off a string of four Aedric Spear abilities in a row. When the Templar deals damage with an Aedric Spear ability rapidly, a bonus of 238 physical or magic damage will apply afterward.

  The ability is super helpful for getting that last chunk of health out of an enemy, and it procs pretty often in drawn-out fights. Unlock it at Aedric Spear Rank 22.


  The Sun Shield ability gives the Templar a small shield and deals damage to nearby enemies while active. For each enemy hit, the shield’s capacity is increased – but only by 4%.

  The Radiant Ward morph, unlocked at Sun Shield Rank IV, reduces the Magicka cost for the ability. It also increases the shield’s strength for each enemy damaged. Instead of a 4% boost for each hit, it grants a 9% boost, which makes it a necessary defensive ability for an Aedric Spear-focused Templar.

  Dawns Wrath Templar Elder Scrolls Online Skills

  The Dawn’s Wrath skill tree?offers Templars a variety of massive damage abilities and skills that can help control the battlefield from afar.?Though most of the skill tree is ranged in nature,?it can be useful for Templars in close combat as well.


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  Most of the tree is single-target in nature. However, it holds a few AoE spells that also provide support to allies. It’s not completely focused on buffs, and what buffs the Dawn’s Wrath skill tree offers are self-contained.

  The Ultimate ability for the Dawn’s Wrath skill tree?in?The Elder Scrolls Online is Nova, which deals massive damage to enemies in an area and reduces their damage. Allies who activate the Ultimate’s synergy will stun enemies, too.

  The Solar Prism ability increases the damage and stun duration on enemies when allies use its synergy. The usefulness of this Ultimate morph is limited to having allies to activate the synergy, though. Players can unlock Solar Prism?at Nova Rank IV.


  The Illuminate passive gives Minor Sorcery to the player and their group for 10 or 20 seconds, depending on the rank, every time a Dawn’s Wrath skill is used. Minor Sorcery increases spell damage by 10%.

  Templars who spec chiefly into the Dawn’s Wrath skill tree will see this ability proc pretty often. It can effectively increase the party’s Spell Damage by 10% in every combat encounter.?Players unlock it?at Dawn’s Wrath Rank 22.

  The Radiant Destruction ability is a late-tree skill that deals massive damage to a single-target enemy over two seconds and deals nearly five times as much to enemies close to death. It’s great for finishing off enemies, but it’s not a guaranteed kill.


  The Radiant Oppression morph scales the ability’s damage with the player’s current Magicka total. The higher the Magicka, the higher the damage will be.?Templars unlock this morph at Radiant Destruction Rank IV.

  Restoring Light Templar Elder Scrolls Online Skills

  The Restoring Light skill tree is, as the name implies, all about restoring health and other resources to allies while supporting the combat in other ways. The Rushed Ceremony and Healing Ritual abilities are the Templar’s first in this tree, which heals a single target and an area of allies respectively.

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  It’s not a skill tree that Templars can expect to solely spec into, as it lacks any kind of decent damage output. It’s perfect for party play, though, and complements the other two Templar skill trees well.


  The Rite of Passage ability is the Templar’s Restoring Light Ultimate, and gives a gigantic healing surge to the player and nearby allies for just a few seconds. The main problem of this ultimate, though, is that it is so brief of a healing period.

  The Practiced Incantation morph doubles?Rite of Passage’s heal length to eight seconds. The Templar will still be immune to enemy immobilization, too. Unlock this skill at Rite of Passage Rank IV.

  The Master Ritualist passive is one of the most useful resurrection abilities in the game.?When the Templar resurrects allies, they do it a bit faster, return more health back, and gain a chance to fill a soul gem with each resurrection.


  It’s a fantastic ability for Templars who are oriented solely on healing and support, but it’s useful for every party composition. Players unlock it?at Restoring Light Rank 39.

  The Restoring Aura ability is unlocked relatively early in the Restoring Light skill tree at Rank 20, but it’s nonetheless one of the most useful available to Templars. It restores Magicka to allies for 20 seconds and grants a swathe of major recovery and stat buffs.

  The ability is fantastic on its own. However, when morphed into Radiant Aura,?players won’t have to worry as much about getting all of?their allies in the AoE healing zone. Normally, Restoring Aura has a 12 meter radius, but morphing?bumps it?up to 28 meters. Radiant Aura unlocks at Restoring Aura Rank IV.


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