[sekiro update]Sekiro Update 1.05 Adds ‘Reflection Of Strength’ And ‘Gauntlet Of Strength’ Game Modes

  FromSoftware Inc. and Activision have rolled out a new patch update for Sekiro: Shadows The Twice. The new Sekiro 1.05 update was released on October 28 and is now live on servers. The patch notes are brief; however, the update brings a bunch of important features to the game including some new game modes. So, let us quickly take a look at all the changes arriving with the latest Sekiro update.

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  Here is a list of all the features that have been added with the Sekiro 1.05 patch:

  A Remnant network feature had been added, which will allow users to record and share player actions.

  A Change Form feature has been added, which will allow users to make changes to their appearance.

  A new Reflection of Strength game mode has been added.

  A new Sekiro Gauntlet of Strength game mode has been added.

  A new Combat Arts has been added for completing the challenges.

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  The Reflection of Strength and the Gauntlet of Strength are the two new game modes that players will be able to try out after updating the samurai adventure game. With the first game mode, players will be able to take on the bosses that they have already conquered in the game. There won’t be any limits on the number of times you can defeat these bosses. As for the second game mode, players will have a single life to beat as many opponents as they can. With the new update, players will also be able to upload a short recording of their gameplay with other players in the game to help them defeat the bosses.

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  The new Sekiro Update 1.05 is available for download across all major platforms including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC via Steam. However, the exact size of the new update is not known. Sekiro: Shadows The Twice has also been released on the Google Stadia Store on October 28. It is available for purchase at just $38.99. The Steam version of the game for PC is available for $59.99.

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  Image credits: Activision