[persona 5 yoshitsune]Persona 5 Strikers Archangel Amrita Drop: Learn How To Complete Prison Mail Part 1

  Persona 5 is an extremely popular J-RPG game, with a turn-based system. It is the story of a couple of high school students that go about their daily lives with studies and part-time jobs. These students have also taken up the responsibility of defeating foes with malicious hearts. The players have the power of entering people’s hearts and defeating them through that with the Power of their Persona. Persona 5 Strikers is the latest game in this franchise and occurs 5 years after the events of Persona 5. The game also has an expansive RPG system that players can use to upgrade the characters. Players would like to learn about Persona 5 Strikers Archangel Amrita Drop.

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  After reaching a certain point in the game, the players will start receiving side missions to complete for special rewards. These side missions are known as requests in Persona 5 Strikers and there are several characters with a set of requests ready for the players to complete. One of the characters that have exciting requests for the players is Lavenza. Lavenza sends the players to fight bosses and sometimes find new personas with special abilities.

  Archangel Amrita Drop is one of the persona requests that Lavenza makes. This can be difficult if the players don’t know the method to train and upgrade skills in the game. Fortunately, this guide will help the players create the Archangel Amrita Drop, check it out below:

  First, the players should try creating the Amrita Drop. For that their movement should be to fuse Andras and Succubus to form Hua Po.

  Now to get the Amrita Drop skill, the players will have to upgrade the Hua Po until it reaches level 14.

  After they have received the skill the players just need to combine it with High Pixie to create Archangel Amrita Drop.

  If the players already have an Archangel Persona in their collection and an Amrita Drop Card too, They can simply teach the Archangel Persona, the Amrita Drop Skill through the card to create Persona 5 Strikers Archangel Amrita Drop.

  This is just Part 1 of Lavenza’s Prison Mail requests and she will have the players looking for many such Personas and skills through the rest of her requests. Sometimes the new Personas aren’t visible to Lavenza and in such situations, the players just need to leave and reenter the Velvet room to make the new Personas visible to Lavenza.

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