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Much to the dismay of Commander Shepard, a skilled Valheim player has begun building Sovereign, the 1.2 mile long Reaper from Mass Effect.

By Carol Zhang

Published 6 days ago


Reaper Sovereign in Valheim

Another impressive Valheim build has emerged, this time?as a recreation of the massive Reaper dreadnought Sovereign from Bioware¨s 2007 action role playing title, Mass Effect. The Reapers, being the primary antagonists of the Mass Effect series, are no doubt back on fans¨ minds with the recent release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Although still in early access, Valheim has received overwhelming success and has continued to do so three months since release, with the game¨s sales projected to hit 8 million copies sold by the end of June. The game has managed to capture many players¨ imaginations with its easy to use building function, inspiring massive builds such as Helms Deep from Lord of The Rings, and even an AT-AT from Star Wars.

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Reaper Sovereign in Valheim

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In a Reddit post, user _-GHO5T- showed fellow Valheim fans his massive Reaper build within the game. The Reaper in question is Sovereign, the first of the antagonistic Reaper species the player encounters within Mass Effect, and is over 1.2 miles in length. Understandably, being such a massive undertaking, Sovereign is still under construction, with _-GHO5T- having only partially built one of the Reaper¨s many legs. The Mass Effect fan also included his in-game character in the screenshot for scale, showing how incredibly massive the Reaper is in comparison to his Viking.


While the build is an impressive work in progress, it should be noted that the gigantic Reaper build utilizes the help of a mod called Valheim Plus, with which players can disable Valheim¨s structural integrity requirement for buildings. This allows players to build freely without their buildings falling apart. Along with regular updates on Reddit, those interested in the Reaper build will be able to watch _-GHO5T- live stream of the building process. The wooden Sovereign looks to be a complicated build at such a scale, however, the Valheim architect is no stranger to massive projects in the game. Previously,?they built Fable 2¨s Fairfax Castle, as well as constructing the Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card in the game.


Although creative builds in Valheim may be considered more impressive without the assistance of mods, some of the amazing creations that have been built thus far would simply not have been possible without the added functionality that mods provide. It will be exciting to see the finished Mass Effect?Reaper, although _-GHO5T-¨s Sovereign looks like it still has a while to go before its completion. Commander Shepard is no doubt watching the build¨s progress with increasing concern.

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Valheim is available on PC.

Source: _-GHO5T-/Reddit



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