[Kingdom Come]Kingdom Come: Deliverance Dev Calls Switch Version Product of a ‘Happy Mistake’

  Kingdom Come: Deliverance is heading to the Nintendo Switch, and Warhorse Studios attributes that to misinformation over whether a port was happening.

  By Jared Stewart

  Published Jun 12, 2021



  Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an?open-world role-playing game that released in 2018. Fortunately, Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s dedicated fanbase may be receiving more positive news concerning the game’s future state, which was previously denied outright.

  Back in January of this year, misinformation had?begun to?spread?about whether?Kingdom Come: Deliverance?was going to receive a port?for the Nintendo Switch.?Warhorse Studios had been?adamantly certain that the game would not receive a port. The claim about Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Nintendo Switch port?was evidently wrong at the time that it was first listed, but the tables seem to have turned in favor of the fans and developers after all.

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  According to Nintendo Life, Warhorse Studios has clarified details concerning?Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Nintendo Switch port in an interview. Following off the heels of an official announcement for a Kingdom Come: Deliverance?port on Nintendo Switch,?the developer?shared its comments on the back-and-forth misinformation and how?this “happy mistake” has ultimately been fruitful. Tobias Stolz-Zwilling, Warhorse’s PR manager, claims that it is the?fans who are responsible for Kingdom Come: Deliverance?finally arriving on?the Nintendo Switch.


  Due to your overwhelming feedback. the unthinkable becomes thinkable!! In collaboration with @TweetsSaber, #KingdomComeDeliverance is coming to the Nintendo Switch. pic.twitter.com/zztWhNhjgs

  — Warhorse Studios (@WarhorseStudios) June 10, 2021

  Perhaps fans began asking for a Nintendo Switch port after hearing that Kingdom Come: Deliverance?was in fact not going to be available on the hybrid console. The fan feedback must have been significant, since Warhorse Studios has shared that the developers are grateful for the “influence gamers worldwide can have on game development.” As a result, it was apparently fan uproar that generated enough?means?for an eventual Switch port and not a discreet plan that the developers had in the works.

  Kingdom Come: Deliverance?boasts dynamic, nonlinear questlines with branching dialogue in an open world, and it will be interesting to see how well Saber Interactive ports the sprawling game onto the Switch. Nintendo Life also notes that?Saber Interactive was capable of porting?The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, another hugely sizeable open-world game, so it seems the game is being placed in the right hands.


  It was then fortunate happenstance that?Kingdom Come: Deliverance?was incorrectly listed as coming to the Nintendo Switch, because it would ultimately result in an official port being produced. The Switch port’s launch window is currently uncertain as the collaborative effort of both teams is underway in adapting?Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Nonetheless, fans whose outspoken feedback manifested the game onto the Nintendo Switch may be excited in the meantime.

  Kingdom Come: Deliverance?is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch release in development.

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  Source: Nintendo Life


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