[Black Sheep Pilgrim]Black!Black!Black!The important thing is three times


  Mercedez -Amg GT Black Series

  The strength of AMG doesn’t have to say more, I believe everyone understands.And when Mercedes -Amg GT plus Black Series,Everything has become different.

  Since 2006, the first Black Series model has been published so far.With strong performance and genes from the tract, many performance cars fans are conquered.With the model iteration,Today, the sixth Black Series model is also officially coming to us.That is Mercedez -Amg Gt Black Series.


  From the appearance may see that it is definitely not a warm car,New radiators from AMG GT3 racing have increased significantly,The huge air inlet on the head engine cover can be directly introduced into the side of the wheel to heat dissipation.The sickle wind blade optimizes the airflow,Not only increase the underlying pressure,The brake cooling effect is also improved.


  On the front of the front of the front, hidden mystery,Active air kinetics can be manually set in the “street” and “racing” mode.When the vehicle is driving at a high speed,The separator will automatically extend down to change the airflow.The formation of the venturi effect of “adsorption” on the road is formed.


  The huge tail of the tail is not a exaggeval part of the table,Active adjustable tail with an electric control flap has two or lower two-can-adjust flap.The upper part of the electric control flaps can be adjusted to 20 °,The acceleration improvement of the vehicle can be achieved by different angle adjustments and the promotion of braking ability.In addition,The lower tail can be optimized from the airflow from the front of the car.


  Rivers and lakes,Light a big one,To minimize weight,The new car uses a large number of parts on the car to create carbon fiber material.Even the torque tubes used between the engine and the transmission are manufactured by light carbon fibers.


  The inside of the body,Black and orange is the interior design main melody,A large number of turmeric materials are filled with the entire carriage,AMG high-performance steering wheel with “Black Series” words DRIVE Unit handling unit,Includes a circular controller below.And the two vertical arrangement of the two vertical arrangements.


  Power performance,Mercedez -Amg GT Black Series will be equipped with a code to be M178 LS2.0T V8 double turbocharged engine,The new engine will also use the new planar crankshaft design.This achieves the purpose of improving the throttle response and optimizing the gas cycle.The maximum power of the engine is 730 horsepower.The maximum torque can reach 800N · m,The match is a AMG Speedshift DCT 7 gear transmission.


  At last,Thanks to the Beijing Jixing Bank AMG Center to provide a chance.