[Honey Roasted Nuts]Honey Talk Mother’s Day Thanksgiving

  The second Sunday in May,Is the international definition of Mother’s Day,This holiday is exactly letting us know about our great mother.Mother’s hands,Crowbers.Mother’s love,Can be smashed for our clothes,Big arrival can give us life.mother,This is a great synonym.The mother silently paid all our own,And how much can we pay for your mother?


  HoneyTalk pays attention to the children’s group of Bao Ma,Provide parent-child interactive education training.Daily organization’s large number of line experience activities (new product invasival, parent DIY class),Provide users with a social WeChat circle of parent-child interaction,Specialist store community customized one-on-one service,Provides a connection to a good social relationship.and so,We don’t just pay attention to your baby.We also pay attention to mom.And this Mother’s Day,Just prepare for mom.


  Maybe many people will think thatMothers are not interested in these,Why do you have to engage in these activities?Is it meaningful?And I think,This is very meaningful.There are two main purposes in Net red card activities.First,We have the relationship with your mother,The longer the more affordable,Nothing because of generational ditch,It is considered that your world is different from the mother of the mother.So you can’t talk together.This is indeed,But when is it?The mother is also like this,Little and dental probation, you,Grow together.And why can’t we spend more time,More accompanying my mother into our world,Let your mother understand these new things,Let your mother don’t feel that it is incorporated with us.Second,The reason why the choice is red,It is because every mother will have its own “princess dream” when you have been in the year.but,Only when we were born,Mom in order to take care of us,Handan tender hands,Slowly get wrinkles; once exquisite faces,Slowly climb the wrinkles; once the “Princess Dream”,Changed to “Hero Dream”,I just think about how to protect us,I haven’t thought about myself.And our event,Specially arranged on the scene,Can take photos together,We can tell her,”mom,You are more beautiful than these. “


  HoneyTalk has a 10-year baked brand in Zhanjiang,I have been firm to do only fresh bread.It is to let children like it.Let your mother rest assured.In addition to doing products,It also pays attention to the bold children’s group,Provide parent-child interactive education training,Line upline experience activities in daily organization.And this time,It is also on the public number of the Zhanjiang TV station.It can be seen thatOur heart,It will be recognized by everyone.


  Honeytalk is to let everyone live a bit slow,Pay more attention to our families,After all, family happiness is the most important.Don’t live only in the virtual network,And I’m really cut concern about people around you.Don’t let yourself regret one day.