[Hitman 1 and 2 in 3]The benevolent is invincible!Inventory Juvenile JUMP history, the most midwitter’s master TOP20

  ”Weekly Juvenile JUMP” has been born in decades,Nod countless hero,Which heroes have been respectful in gentleness?Let’s take a look at the new selection of Japanese famous ranking selection stations to “Juvenile Jump” in history. Top20.



  The junior pear is the male protagonist in the anime work.The junior pear is gentle,And secretly love the same class classmates in the spring of the temple.One day,When you enter your home,He encountered his sudden appearance.Since then,Every day, the pear is rolled into love and the dispute arising from the offline action.Thus a busy life.


  The big air wing is the master of Japan’s comic “football teenager”,Since smaller, take the football as his “good friend”.After moving into South Ge,I know that Lin Yuan three, the day, Xiaoshu, Yaro, Siki, etc.There is thus launched a series of intense competitions.


  Fuji Yako helps the Japanese comics “Academy Rescue Group” and the male protagonist in its derivatives.Because you know that your father is dying because of helping others,So prepare to inherit your father’s legacy,Become a person who can help others,And with the ghosts,Founded with the flute to set up a SKET group.Duty,And with the name of the SKET group,Help others from the school.


  Into vine light,Nickname Xiao Guang, Agua,The protagonist of Japanese comic “chess soul”.Because Fujiwang Zuo is attached,And by the original point, don’t understand Go,Go to a player who is a lifelong profession.Simultaneously,Friends with your lifetime and opponent tower,Get started into the voyeng’s Go road.Later, it is also increasingly becoming a premier player!


  Swirl sounds,Japanese comics “Naruto” and male protagonists in their derivatives.Ninja in the Woody Village of Fire,Four generations of fire shadow wave windmen and swirls 玖 辛 奈 子,Sixth Demonirarchy, Chakra, Chakra.When I was born, my parents sacrificed to protect the village.And seal the tail “nine tail” in the Naruto body.Become an orphan of the Naruto is discriminated against by villagers from a smallBut in the only thing I agree with his teacher Nae Yulu and the three generations of watching the sky, it has a dream of getting a shadow.


  Jie Fushen is the owner of Japanese anime “full-time hunter”,Golden Fulse’s son.In order to find a father and become a hunter.Playing from the whale, I have a fifth sensory, I am particularly keen.Can communicate with animals.When participating in the hunter test and the odd, Cool Lapa and Leio become friends,And Visual is the first goal of the first transcendence.In order to find the fall of the father, I entered the greedy island.Although I still didn’t find my father,But but successfully cleared the game,It also completed the killing skills “guess box”.


  The successor of the Beidou ShenfamThe old four in the door is ranked.This is the master,A life is love,Emotive man.Ares and justice of justice.It has formed the strongest combination of Beidou History with Boxing and Toy.But it seems to be the same as the world who has the three inheritance capabilities.


  鵺 鵺 鸣 介 is the master of comic “hell teacher”.The class teacher of the 5th grade of Children’s Primary School.Japan’s only spiritual capabilities,Strong sense of responsibility, dedication, compassion, and strong sense of justice,Love your students,But there is also a clumsy, stupid, a good side of the color,And forever and money,It is a non-crushed poor.


  ”The Agreement Dream Island” master,Grace field is one of the longat of the orphanage.Love your orphanage and mother,I always think about how to catch up with excellent Norman and Thunder.In this orphanage, it is quietly quiet and other orphans.

  But starting with Norman after discovering the secrets of the orphanage and the facts of “ghost”.Thundering escaped from the GF orphanage.finally,Successfully escape farm,In order to return the true human world in constant exploration efforts.


  Japanese version of Funny Taishan,Also known as the Taishan or Not Wen Mount.Classic spoof work,Taishan and his favorite wifeWater partners living with a monkey that raises his growing monkey.His task is to protect the forests from the hands of the poem,Even peace of peace is maintained.


  Green Valley for a long time; hero name: Deku (people).Japanese comics “My Heroes College” and the male protagonist in their derivatives.80% of people have “personality” future,He is a hero if he is born without “personality”.After inheriting the “personality” of Eurome,I finally took into admission to the high school of the male.


  When Putian Silver,The protagonist in Japanese anime “Gintama”.He is an active revolutionary who creates countless legendary in the late period.Because of the enemy, it is called “white night fork”.Another street of Kabukicho,With the god, Zhun New Eight Operate,It is a man who sticks to his martial arts.


  Once in the world’s first martialo, it will defeat the Bachel Devil.It is a hero that saved the earth crisis.After marriage with the daughter of the Niu Deyu, marriage,The son is Sun Wuki.I learned that I am the truth of the fighting nation.Tathered guys,Like to eat, practice and powerful opponents fight.In Namik,Because Xiaolin is killed by Flissa and anger to be a legendary warrior: Super Saiyan.


  Munqi D · Luffy,Japanese comics “Navigation King” and the protagonist in their derivatives,The “straw hat” Lufei,Dream is to find the legendary One Piece,Become a pirate.

  Lu Fei is active and optimistic,Love is clear,And very important partners,Not willing to flex in others,It is super interest in any dangerous thing.Unlike other traditional pirates,He will not kill in order to pursue wealth.Instead, enjoy the adventure and freedom of our pirates.


  村 心; formerly known: 村 心 太.Japanese comics “Wave Joint Heart” and the male protagonist in its derivatives.In the past, it was called “刽 子 手 拔 斋”,The 14th Generation of “Flying Royal Sword”.Legendary “Tutter”,But but swear to kill again,But to protect friends around you,Maintain the peace of this society.


  ”Dear Classroom” protagonist.

  Name Source: “Teacher who can’t kill”, Japanese pronunciation with “killing teacher” close

  Position: Three years e class teacher

  Ethnicity: Unknown octopus type super creatures,Self-proclaimed earth growing in the earth,It used to be human.Mr. Bai revealed that its internal organs were anti-substances.


  ”City Hunter” first male master,Since Taiwan’s work mistakes lead to the introduction of their translation in the introduction of its translation, it has been translated into cold feathers; due to its experience,The combined ability of combat ability is amazing by all walks of people on the black road “cityhunter” (ie urban hunter).


  Yacin Walker is anime “D.The protagonist in gray-man “,One of the exorcrators of the Black Team,It has a parasitic holy (innocence).There is a mysterious relationship between the enemy of the Black Team.


  Stove Mart Charilang,Comic “ghost blade” and the protagonist in its derivatives.Ghost killing swordsman,Good and gentle teenager,There is a wound in the left.In order to save the ghost sister stove door, beans,While being crushed,Search for the enemy’s ghosts and dances.

  Kindness,decisive,Brave,calm,It is still kind inherent,And there is a key intelligence to find critical intelligence.Everything is responsible for all things and things,There is a gentleness of everyone.I really want to take care of others to take care of others.It has a strong communication.


  Kokichi Sawada,Japanese comics “True Hitman Reborn!”The male lead in its derivatives,Because learning and sports are not good, the students are called “Waste Chai”.It is the descendants of the Peng Ground’s first generation leader in Japan,So the family was selected as a ten generation leader inherited.But I am strongly refused,After shooting the dead gas bomb,It can play a rampant potential ability.