far cry 4 trophy guide

“Far Cry 4” The full list of trophy achievements and how to get them is very detailed, let’s take a look.

Trophy difficulty: 3/10

Platinum time:

Platinum weekly mesh: 1 week mesh + free exploration

Number of trophies that can be missed: 0

Trophies with bugs: 0

Optimal trophy route:

This game is still an open sandbox exploration. Players need to play Ajay on a thrilling adventure in their hometown-Kyrat in the Himalayas. Like the 3rd generation, the trophy/achievement trophy design of this game is very user-friendly. The collection only needs to be partially achieved. The boundary between the main line and the branch line is slightly blurred, so the best way is to play a weekly free game to get some trophies. Then freely explore to fill up other trophies.

The content that can be displayed on the big map is very detailed. You can also remove the icons you don’t want to see. After you find the corresponding icon, press X to cancel the display of the icon.

The statistics function of the game is very comprehensive, you can check the current game progress at any time. There will be bonus rewards for reaching a certain number of main lines, branches and collections of the game. For example, Shangri-La will get bonus rewards for completing 4 of them.

1. Regarding difficulty:

There is no difficulty trophy in this game, so you can choose the three difficulty levels of the game, Easy Normal or Difficult, and the difficulty of the game can be changed at any time in the game. Ubisoft has done this very intimately.

2. About collection:

The elements involved in the collection are:

①Propaganda Poster (Political propaganda posters, there are 150 in total, only need to collect 30)

②Mask of Yalung (there are 55 masks in total, only need to collect 15)

③Lost Letter (Lost Letter, there are 20 in total, just collect 10)

④Mani Wheel (mani wheel clock, there are 40 in total, only need to turn 10)

The big map of the game will clearly mark the location of these collectibles. Compared with “Far Cry 3”, once you mark these collectibles on the big map, the marker will clearly show the location of the collectibles, specific to the altitude, It’s not just a very general point like the previous one. Except for the Yalongjiang mask, which needs to be searched within a certain range.

You can also directly purchase maps of various regions in the store or the cabinet in the game. After conquering the clock tower, all the collectibles in the region will be displayed immediately.

Trophy/Achievement List&Guide | Trophy/Achievement List&Guide

Trophy name : Master Of Kyrat

Condition : Obtain all the Trophies.

Trophy name : Welcome To Kyrat

Condition : Join the Golden Path (Campaign only).

Trophy name : One Down

Condition : Decide De Pleur’s fate (Campaign only).

Trophy name : Overdose

Condition : Discover Shangri-La (Campaign only).

Trophy name : Two Down

Condition : Decide Noore’s fate (Campaign only).

Trophy name : Hat-Trick

Condition : Decide Yuma’s fate (Campaign only).

Trophy name : The King Is Dead

Condition : Decide Pagan Min’s fate (Campaign only).

Trophy name : Deliver Us From Evil

Condition : Liberate 12 Outposts (Campaign only).

Trophy name : All Clear

Condition : Liberate all Outposts (Campaign only).

The map of “Far Cry 4” is divided into two partial N regions, each of which has not liberated the outpost of the land,The condition of liberation is to completely destroy the enemy soldiers in the outpost. The liberation process is best to sneak in or use a sniper rifle with a silencer to solve it from a long distance. In addition, each outpost will have 2-3 alarms. After they are neutralized, they will not be called even if they are found by the enemy. Reinforcement, “Undetected” and “Untouched Alarm” liberation posts will all have bonus rewards. The outpost immediately became the protagonist’s territory after being liberated, and also became the teleportation point. At the same time, it also opened the side missions in the area.