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Curry¨s latest Xbox Series X is back in stock live, and the Game Pass Ultimate bundle will be on the shelves for ♀ 479 this morning.

The Xbox Series X inventory has been particularly rare in recent weeks, but it seems to have been holding up for a little longer. That said, these consoles have sold out in the last few minutes, so if you¨re still looking for your next-generation console, we can¨t wait.

If missed, these additional controller bundles can remain a bit longer. Get a Game Pass Ultimate subscription and additional gamepads for ♀ 529.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also worth getting. Get instant access to hundreds of games, including the recently released Xbox Live (required to play online), Xbox Cloud Gaming on your Android phone (beta), and Xbox Game Pass on your PC. It also includes the publisher¨s subscription service, EA Play.

Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are currently in high demand, for good reason. The flagship Xbox Series X enables native 4K games thanks to its powerful 12 teraflop processor and the ability to play selected Xbox Series X games at 120fps. The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, has the highest visual quality available.

The Xbox Series X review details the features of the Xbox Series X and impressed with Microsoft¨s new machine.

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